The ultimate all-in-one Discord bot.

Hibiki can do everything that your server needs - and then some.

Make your server more fun.

Hibiki comes with many fun and image commands.

Get pictures of various animals

View XKCD and Garfield comics

Get pictures of cute catgirls and foxgirls

Roleplay with other server members

Play high quality music/videos

Get images from boorus

Compete in the cookie economy

Get answers from a magic 8-ball

Customizable pinboard/starboard

Increase your server's productivity.

Hibiki provides useful utilities to boost your productivity.

Define a word from the dictionary

Search for packages on npm and AUR

Convert currencies between each other

Return info and stats about an IP address

Get info about a GitHub user or repo

Get userinfo from a Steam profile

Get RGB, HSV, LAB, and hex for a color

Monitor a Steam account for bans

Translate text between languages

Keep your server in check.

Hibiki provides a powerful suite of moderation and logging tools.

Log message/user updates and used invites

Log any creation, edit, and deletion events

Send custom greeting/farewell messages

Give members warnings/strikes

AntiRaid prevents member bombing

Mute members for a specific amount of time

Automod spam, invites, and newlines

Snipe the latest deleted message

Purge specific types or amounts of messages

Everything is customizable.

Hibiki is designed to be tweaked and customized to your liking.

Hibiki is designed to be both simple to use but also powerful.

Most features and modules allow you to tweak their options to fit your preferences.

You can even set custom thresholds for automod options.

Everything is free, forever.

We'll never lock features behind a paywall.

We will never make you donate or vote to unlock features - unlike big bots that beg for money.

Hibiki is a passion project built by our team of developers that love open source software.

The entire codebase is free and open-source, licensed under the GNU AGPLv3 or later.

Hibiki is global.

Every command, module, and feature is completely translatable.

You can change your prefered language or your server's default language.

We already have many languages complete!


We develop and maintain Hibiki!



Owner, Developer



Owner, Developer